Episode seven

Violet investigates Foreverland Pet Refrigeration and finds the building has been boarded up. Feeling overwhelmed by the escalating circles of overlapping mysteries, she breaks down. Ms. Peterson appears just in time to remind her that there are some challenges we choose, while other challenges choose us.

The next day, the ice cream cone statue in front of Mr. Freeze-E goes missing and the whole town is shaken, especially Officer Ron, who is facing the end of his marriage and this latest disappearance, feels equally overwhelmed with both.

On Monday, Violet returns to “le circuluis nonfinis,” or the hidden meadow, to search for the peacock. This time she discovers the peacock's tag has a name on the other side: “T. Zisk,” which suggests the mayor's deceased husband was once the owner of the mysterious peacock. Violet follows the clue to the mayor's office and leaves a note for her. Later that day, Violet finds a letter from Mayor Zisk, warning her that both of them will be in danger if Violet keeps searching for the truth. Undeterred, Violet returns to the hidden meadow and encounters a strange person in a beekeeper's outfit, photographing a number of circles that have been drawn on the trees in chalk. Violet wonders if these circles are the endless circle she has been warned about.

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