Press and Praise

Question Mark, Ohio continues to draw praise from readers and critics alike for its emotionally-engaging storytelling, complex characters, incredible imagery and design, and overall inventiveness.

Boing Boing: “Question Mark, Ohio, was created by Joe Meno and Dan Sinker and debuted this week. It's already pretty damn amazing…”

Ohio Statehouse News Bureau: "Located 12 miles north of the Ohio River in the southeast part of the state sits Question Mark, Ohio. It’s home to Ohio’s second largest commercial garbage dump, the original location of Mr. Freeze-E Ice Cream, and a stunning waterfall. It’s also fictional."

Volume One: “I feel like we’ve been engaging in a series of escalating dares. Pretty much from the start it’s been one of us saying “I don’t know if it’s possible but…” and the other one going “dunno, let’s try it anyway.” We’re sort of writing rules as we go. Not just rules for the world we’ve built and the people that live there, but rules around how a narrative can work and how readers can engage with it.”

Book Riot: “The deeper you go, the more you’ll find. I followed some links and ended up on the website of a 3rd grade teacher in Question Mark that managed to both seem eerie and also exactly like every other elementary school teacher’s class website I’ve ever seen. If you’d like to get caught up on the goings-on in Question Mark, check out the local library.”

New City: “It’s an experimental, immersive storytelling experience unfolding live over one year. Part adventure, part mystery, part exploration of a community as it confronts change…”

Neatorama: “Question Mark, Ohio, is a fictional town that is much like many small towns you know. It is also a slow-rolling internet mystery story that is quickly gathering fans…”

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