Episode one

A cat goes missing and Violet Bookman begins to discover that not everything, or everyone, in Question Mark, Ohio, is what it appears.

Episode two

Everything Begins at the End. Violet makes friends in her search, and begins to discover mysterious codes left around town.

Episode three

Tragedy in Question Mark as Officer Ron Dublowski finds Mr. Business's cat collar in the woods.

Episode four

Violet sets out to learn what she can about the strange music in the woods. It leads her to make another ally in her search.

Episode five

With Ms. Twombley’s help, Violet follows a clue about a deceased British soldier who also heard the strange music in the woods.

Episode six

Beware the endless circle. After a possibly ghostly encounter, Violet searches for answers regarding the source of the otherworldly music.

Episode seven

Violet looks for clues at Foreverland Pet Refrigeration and finds evidence that may link the mayor and her deceased husband to the town’s many disappearances.

Episode eight

Everything becomes even more complicated and dangerous after Violet meets a professor who warns her of a cult that believes a powerful creature is hiding in the woods.

Episode nine

Another tragedy occurs, leaving Violet and one of her closest allies heartbroken and looking for answers regarding the cult’s suspicious activities.

Episode ten

Violet learns that the scientists at the Experimental Crop Station might have several terrible secrets of their own.

Episode eleven

Violet finally finds Mr. Business only to lose him in the glare of a strange purple light.

Episode twelve

The strange purple light appears in town just before six-year-old Quentin Quinn goes missing.

Episode thirteen

While searching for Quentin Quinn, Violet befriends an unlikely ally and receives a strange new clue.

Episode fourteen

As new clues and riddles accumulate, Violet searches for the answer to the town's many disappearances.

Episode fifteen

Things in Question Mark reach a crescendo as everything invisible becomes visible.

Episode sixteen

Violet returns to Question Mark to discover the truth about the secret of the town’s disappearances.

Episode seventeen

New mysteries sharpen Violet’s investigation of the glowing white circle in the woods.

Episode eighteen

The history of the circular light comes into focus.

Episode nineteen

Violet uncovers the mystery of the French colony, which leads to more questions.

Episode twenty

The uncanny mystery of the void is finally revealed.

In a quiet, unremarkable town in Ohio, everything has begun to disappear: first shoes, then street signs, then pets. After her neighbor’s beloved cat goes missing, an undaunted young woman named Violet Bookman sets out to uncover the strange secrets of the world around her and to find the truth of what’s been lost.

Welcome to Question Mark, Ohio, a new type of novel that unfolds across the Internet and allows readers to engage directly with the story by helping to solve each new mystery.

Follow Violet as she rides her bike from the unsettling forest to the abandoned bowling alley to the 2nd largest garbage dump in the state, meeting a cast of fascinatingly complicated characters: a broken-hearted police officer who dreams of being a music producer, an elementary school teacher who is looking for her brother’s ghost, a librarian with a collection of the saddest books in the world, a gigantic sanitation worker who only sweeps at night.

Each new location, each new character offers readers another puzzle to solve, another new story to explore, all in real time. Inspired by 20th century and 21st century serial stories, Question Mark, Ohio is a narrative experience like no other, a novel that depends on interaction between the reader and an ever-expanding world of wonder and strangeness. Only you can help Violet find the truth.

You are the key…

A clue.