Episode eight

While searching for the peacock in the woods, Violet meets Everard Bright, a professor from Cincinnati studying cults, who warns that members of the Order of the Arranger, a cult from California, may be living in town. Violet and Bruno continue to search the woods for the missing pets and come upon a strange discovery: in the hidden meadow, several floating purple lights appear. When Violet returns to her bicycle, she finds someone has let the air out of her tires.

Ron continues to struggle to balance his life as an officer of the law with being a single father. That balance isn't helped when Miss Mozart, a local celebrity cat, goes missing.

Searching for answers about the purple lights in the woods, Violet begins to suspect that two workers at Mr. Freeze-E Ice Cream may be linked to the Order of the Arranger after one of the workers puts several suspicious bags in the back of a black van and drops them off at the town dump.

When Violet's dad reads her grades for the final quarter, he asks her to please let her pursuit of the truth of the disappearances in town go. Violet refuses, and instead finds an odd code on the Order of the Arranger website. Her next step is to see if she can make a connection between the suspicious bags, the code, and the suspected cult members at Mr. Freeze-E.

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