Episode six

Following Ms. Twombley's advice, Violet visits the Question Mark video store and meets disaffected video clerk, Dash Holland, twin brother of Parker Holland, who claims to have seen the ghost of the British soldier in a video from the 90s.

Violet rents the video and watches it and receives an eerie message from a ghostly figure that warns, “Beware the endless circle.” Violet first tries exploring “the infinite circle,” a burial mound built by the Adena or Hopewell people in 1000 BC. There she sees a strange light. When she asks Officer Ron about the light, he warns her to stay away from that area as various local criminals, including the Towns brothers, have been known to use that part of the woods for illicit activities.

At the same time, Officer Ron is struggling to manage his duties as a parent and police officer now that he and his wife Beth are separated.

Following a clue from a map she found in one of Reginald Willey's books, Violet discovers a place in the woods called "Le Circuluis Nonfinis," which Ms. Twombley helps her translate as "The Endless Circle." There she and Nanako find the peacock Violet spotted weeks before and realize there is a tag on its foot that says, "Foreverland Pet Refrigeration." Back at Nanako's, the pair discover there is a code in the Foreverland website that mentions an accident involving time. Where will this new clue lead the intrepid Violet?

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