Episode ten

Searching for clues regarding what might be living out in the woods and causing things to disappear, Violet follows the white pollen that has been floating all over town and discovers several scientists from the Experimental Crop Station in gas masks and hazmat suits have taped off a large section of the woods. Returning to the woods to find out what the scientists might be hiding, she runs into Ms. Peterson who shows her a large purple light glowing from underground.

Using these clues, Violet discovers a report from Nanako’s dad, Dr. George Yakamoto, describing how an enormous fungus, Armillaria Quaestio, has been living in the forest, hidden for thousands of years. The report includes a map and also suggests the fungus may be eating insects and small animals.

Meanwhile Officer Ron makes a strange discovery of his own, tracking down the suspicious black van used by the suspicious Mr. Freeze-E employees to the Question Mark Motel. There he finds both employees have gone missing, leaving piles of white dust and a part of a coded message.

Finally, Violet follows the map of Armillaria Quaestio through the woods and meets Dr. Allison Andrews, who says that the fungus is entirely harmless but also suggests something called Cucumis Quaestio may have escaped from the Experimental Crop Station and might be responsible for the disappearances in town.

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