Episode eleven

Violet begins working at the Question Mark Public Library and uses that time to learn all she can about the strange purple glow in the woods. After work, she rides out to the woods and plays a familiar piece of music on her phone and Mr. Business appears. She pulls him to her chest, but there is a flash of purple light that immediately frightens Mr. Business away.

Violet returns to the woods the next night and plays the music again but this time a large, floating purple orb of light appears and attacks her.

Officer Ron is deeply upset to discover the town’s fireworks have been stolen. The next day he runs into his estranged wife, Beth, and finally asks when she plans to return home. Eventually she reveals that she needs to become a new person without him and will not becoming back. Emotionally reeling, Ron attends a meeting of the Circle of Concerned Families and Friends, looking for meaning and purpose.

Violet, still recovering from her confrontation with the purple light, receives a cryptic message from Mayor Zisk. Unsure how to proceed, Violet makes a connection with a young boy named Quentin Quinn at the library. Violet sees the purple light near the garbage dump, uncertain if it may be responsible for all the town’s recent disappearances…

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