Episode seventeen

Violet begins her senior year of high school and discovers a piece of paper bearing a code belonging to the Order of the Arranger, a dangerous cult from California that is seeking to bring about the end of the world. Before she has time to make sense of this impending threat, the British statue from British Soldier Field goes missing, which leads to an argument between Violet and Officer Ron Dublowski.

The next day, Violet meets Iris, another high school senior who has just moved to town and who has a fascination with the occult. Violet explains everything she knows about the strange events in town and Iris enthusiastically agrees to help her solve the ongoing mystery.

After starting a new job at the Question Mark Car Wash, Violet receives a strange message in French, pointing her and Iris back to the white circular light in the woods. While searching for the light, they run into Professor Everard Bright who warns that the Order of the Arranger is looking for something similar, a void in time, a kind of portal to release the Arranger and bring about a new age of darkness.

Officer Ron, disillusioned by the disappearance of the British soldier statue, begins investigating a pair of footprints in the woods and, with his son Gary’s help, soon begins to suspect ex-convict Judah Towns may somehow be involved. But is Ron truly ready for the danger that may lay ahead?

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