Episode eighteen

Violet and Iris sneak into the Eastwood Circle pool and Violet receives another message in French, which sends them to visit the Infinite Circle, where they learn the white circle Violet saw may have existed for hundreds of years, even before the disappearance of the Hopewell people in 400 AD.

As Violet continues her investigation at the library, she is threatened by a masked member of the Order of the Arranger who demands to know the location of the opening to other dimensions. While continuing their search, Violet and Iris find a strange, lumbering man in the woods who drops a page written in French. With Agent Oberman’s help, they learn the page is actually from a Bible belonging to French missionary Jacques Blanchet and that Blanchet’s remaining letters are now in the trunk of a 1972 Chevelle that will be part of Friday night’s car contest. In order to learn the truth of the white circle, Violet and Iris must win the car in a battle of endurance.

Meanwhile Officer Ron keeps tabs on the Towns brothers while finally gaining the courage to go on a walk with Ms. Peterson. But a recent announcement from cult theorist Everard Bright may upend everything…

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