Episode fourteen

While searching for Quentin Quinn, Violet follows the clue in the book Moonlight Woods out to an abandoned pyrite mine in the woods, only to be terrified by the appearance of an unfamiliar face. Returning the next evening with Bruno Ellis, the pair discover a backpack belonging to the missing boy. After hours of questioning by the FBI and QM Police, Violet is released only to find out that New Tomorrow Industries is planning a test of their particle accelerator on Saturday the 29th. She also learns that the Order of the Arranger is involved in some kind of struggle against New Tomorrow and that confrontation now seems all but inevitable.

Meanwhile, Officer Ron finally works up the nerve to sit across from Ms. Holly Peterson at Bingo but is unable to make his feelings known. Then, while enjoying his day off by watching an old favorite on TV, he hears a strange voice coming from his television.

After missing several days of work, Violet is fired from the library but receives a message left on her bicycle, telling her everything will be okay. Returning to the library to apologize to Ms. Twombley, she has a strange interaction with Tanner Pratt, who suggests she is the key to solving the town’s many disappearances. How will the town be changed by the approaching confrontation between the past and the future? And how will Violet finally make the invisible secret hiding in the woods visible?

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