Episode fifteen

After searching the woods for clues of Mr. Business and Quentin Quinn, Violet returns home and finds her father playing “Afraid,” one of her mother’s favorite songs on piano. Violet’s father informs her that will be going to Cleveland on Monday to visit her grandmother for a few weeks. She protests and runs to her room where she receives a mysterious call from Agent Oberman, summoning her to the woods the following afternoon.

At the woods, Agent Oberman tells her he believes that things are indeed disappearing in town and shows her an evidence bag that once contained Quentin Quinn’s shoes. Just then New Tomorrow Industries tests their particle accelerator. The sky is momentarily frozen and turns pink. Returning to town, Violet finds all the clocks have stopped.

Before leaving for Cleveland, Violet goes back to the woods once more and plays a recording of her best friend Nanako on the cello. Mr. Business finally reappears! Violet follows him deeper to the woods and, at the endless circle, Violet recalls all the secret messages she has received so far. She decides to play her mother’s favorite song, “Afraid,” and a strange, circular, white light appears. She is able to quickly make a recording before it fades.

Meanwhile, Officer Ron learns that ex-con Judah Towns has been released from prison early and has joined the church group, The Circle of Concerned Family and Friends. When Ron asks the leader of the group, CM Waldorf, about this arrangement, Waldorf responds by suggesting men like Judah will be needed for some kind of upcoming confrontation. The next day, Officer Ron is suspended without pay for posting police business on social media.

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