Episode twenty nine

Investigating Foreverland Pet Refrigeration for answers to the disappearance of Quentin Quinn, Violet and Bruno Ellis follow the strange light into the lower level and discover the silhouettes of three human beings etched into the concrete floor, all surrounding an ominous-looking power source. Bruno momentarily switches the machine on and, for a split second, Violet believes she sees Bill Twombley as time collides with itself once again.

On the way to alert the QMPD, Violet and Bruno are attacked by members of the Order of the Arranger moments later, demanding to know how to open The Void. Violet bravely fights the masked assailants off as Bruno once again comes to her aid.

With FBI Agent Adam Oberman’s assistance and the use of his recently-compiled time map, Violet searches the town for other places where time seems to stand still. Violet and Agent Oberman head to the Ames Tannery and find a bewildering scene: once-dead animals seem to come alive. Both Violet and Agent Oberman quickly retreat, finding no other clues leading to the whereabouts of Quentin Quinn.

Together they also search the ruined fairgrounds on the outskirts of town where 42 people were killed in a blizzard during the Winter Carnival in 2019. Violet notices that all of the blue spots on Agent Oberman’s map seem to correspond to a tragic event in town. As they stare over the fair’s wreckage, Violet receives another message from the missing boy.

Meanwhile, Officer Ron speaks with Judah Towns about his connection to the mysterious C M Waldorf and the Circle of Concerned Families and Friends and learns Waldorf is involved in a scheme to sell drugs in order to finance the acquisition of important religious relics. Traveling to nearby Marietta, Officer Ron attempts to follow the ghostly figure he spotted at the pyrite mine but is unable to trace his whereabouts. With Detective Barry McDonnell’s help, Officer Ron learns it is none other than Jules Friend, an out-of-work actor who once appeared on The Green Fog.

As Violet’s search to find Quentin Quinn grows closer to answers, what new secrets will be revealed?

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