Episode twenty eight

After locating the APEX shipping container full of hazardous waste, Violet and Officer Ron hurry to the Experimental Crop Station where Dr. Allison Andrews and her remaining team are able to quickly create an inoculation. Violet is overjoyed once her father regains consciousness and Officer Ron tends to his ex-wife, children, and Holly Peterson, who, in return kisses him in the school gym in front of the entire town.

Violet receives another startling message from Quentin Quinn, and inspired by a note in the town roundup, decides she will do everything she can to find the missing boy. Following his clue, she begins to search places in town where time seems to have stopped, beginning with the clock tower. Although she finds no sign of the missing boy, a strange interaction with newly-elected town council member Gerald Ames gives her pause.

With information gleaned from the public library, Violet attempts to find an old well, which has been said to appear and disappear, but again with no clue to Quentin’s whereabouts. Instead she finds Bruno Ellis sitting on a rock, overcome with grief for his decapitated cat, Ajax. Violet comforts him and invites Bruno and several other townspeople to her house for Thanksgiving, where Mayor Zisk makes a surprise appearance. At the end of the evening, Quentin Quinn’s mother, Gloria, comes bearing another message from the missing boy.

Meanwhile, Officer Ron comforts his son, Gary, who is struggling with the ongoing uncertainty in town, and offers his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Parker, a place to stay. Getting a lead from Judah Towns about illegal happenings at the pyrite mine, Officer Ron must face his fear of being underground in order to dig deeper into the Circle of Concerned Families and Friends plot.

On Friday, Violet asks Bruno for help and the pair sneak into the abandoned Foreverland pet refrigeration building, where they make a startling discovery: three carefully frozen bodies, all belonging to the Applenight family. Moments later, Bruno notices a strange light coming from the lower level and Violet and Bruno continue their investigation, which may lead to some shocking truths about Bill Twombley’s disappearance and the nature of how time works in Question Mark.

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