Episode thirty seven

Following a clue from Reginald Jr. Jr.’s observatory at St. Casimir’s, Violet and Iris locate a hidden control room beneath the Question Mart and discover that Reginald Willey Jr. and his son, Reginald Jr. Jr., built a gigantic underground pipe organ underneath the town in order to fix the problems of Time. There they find another coded message instructing them to find the final song and to use it to fix time.

Days later, while babysitting Freddie, the baby disappears and returns with an envelope containing another message: this one presumably from Reginald Willey in the past. It reveals that the final song is nearby but is invisible. While searching for the invisible song at the library, Violet encounters Bruno Ellis, former wrestler and Department of Streets and Sanitation worker, who has received an invitation to the Wrestling Hall of Fame in Cincinnati. Bruno explains, through several handwritten notes, that he is too afraid to go on his own.

Officer Ron Dublowski learns that his ex-wife Beth is planning a commitment ceremony with her partner, Val, and finds the news challenging. Meanwhile his daughter, Lindsay, seems to be growing up much too fast, while his son, Gary, continues to struggle with bullies at school. With Ms. Holly Peterson, Ron finally begins to imagine a future away from Question Mark and all its extraordinary challenges.

Violet and Iris continue to search the town for the invisible song and find Theophilus Willey has taken a third shift position at the Willey Envelope factory in order to help locate the invisible composition. Together they discover a clue on the base of Rebecca Willey, wife of Reginald Willey Jr., that suggests that somehow “the final song is behind the town.”

After school on Friday, Violet returns home and discovers Bruno Ellis standing at her back porch. Asking if Violet and her father would join him on his trip to Cincinnati, Violet quickly agrees. Along with Iris, Violet, her father, and Bruno travel to the strange city in order to face Bruno’s complicated past. But what will our heroes find when they return? And how long before the town of Question Mark is lost entirely to the future?

Only eight weeks remain…

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