Episode thirty eight

As time continues to unravel in the town of Question Mark, Violet struggles to solve the mystery of the missing final song which is said to fix Time. In the midst of this search, Bruno Ellis, Department of Streets and Sanitation worker asks for help in facing a complicated chapter in his past. So Iris, Violet, and Violet’s father escort Bruno to the Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony in Cincinnati where Bruno is able to reunite with the widow of Bob Bancroft, the man he accidentally killed during a wrestling match in the 1980s, and finally find closure.

Returning to town, Violet finds a local dentist office has gone missing. The next day, a strange green cloud appears in the sky, directly above the Experimental Crop Station. As Violet stares at the strange sight, Dr. Allison Andrew of the ECS appears and asks for Violet’s help, warning her that the crop station was forced to conduct an emergency venting of an experimental seed. The next day, Violet awakes to find her father and several townspeople transformed into odd plant-people wandering the town. She quickly calls Officer Ron, who has been asleep and is unchanged, and the two hurry out to the ECS, where they learn from Dr. Andrews that the same townspeople who fell unconscious in November after the giant underground mushroom released its spores, have now, somehow, become pollinated. Dr. Andrews claims all the antidote has been used to inoculate the ECS staff and that it will take time to synthesize any more. Violet brings the empty vial to Ms. Twombley’s house and attempts to get Baby Freddie to travel to the future to obtain more. After several attempts, Freddie returns with the antidote, which Violet quickly shares with Dr. Andrews and Officer Ron. One by one, the affected townspeople are returned to normal. After Holly Peterson recovers, Officer Ron promises to leave town as soon as he has closed the case of his father’s death and its connection to the Circle of Committed Family and Friends.

The following day, as Violet and Iris return to looking for the final song, they encounter Titus Towns, the man responsible for Violet’s mother’s death and Iris’ older sister’s drug addiction. Iris decides to take action although Violet pleads for her not to do anything. What new dangers will unfold as Violet moves closer to her pursuit of the one song that can save everything?

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