Episode forty two

Violet finds the town of Question Mark thrown into chaos as the entire town appears to be pulled between the past, present, and future. All the stop signs in town disappear. Buildings vanish and then reappear. Fire hydrants disintegrate and then return, spraying water everywhere. Violet and Iris return to the Willey Clock Tower and discover someone has destroyed the magnificent organ keyboard, which has once again plunged the town into another time-related catastrophe.

Violet is visited once again by Bill Twombley, building inspector, who asks for her help in freeing himself from the power generator at Foreverland Pet Refrigeration. Violet is joined by Bruno, Ms. Twombley, and Baby Freddie and together they make their way to the basement of the never-to-be-opened pet freezing facility and find Mr. Twombley stuck in time. He asks Greta to take the baby far from town as he is certain the town is in danger and then tells Violet to consult one of Reginald Willey’s manuscripts entitled the Clock Without A Face. A moment later, Bruno unplugs the machine and Mr. Twombley disappears forever. Violet searches the book at the library and finds a letter warning about the dangers of technology and advising Violet to find the most complicated music inside everyone, even those we consider to be our enemies.

The next day, Violet receives an instant message from someone she has a crush on and is attacked in the woods by a member of the Order of the Arranger, who steals her backpack and every clue she has found thus far. Violet returns to the library the next day, feeling defeated. There she discovers Nanako Yakamoto, one of her oldest friends, has returned to town. The pair is reunited and Nanako attempts to cheer Violet up by playing a board game she has invented. While there, they notice Gerald Ames lurking in an aisle and decode a note he throws away, which seems to suggest that Gerlad may, in fact, be the leader of the Order of the Arranger known as O. When they confront Gerald, he frowns and warns that the following day, everything in town will be going back into the past.

How will Violet face this latest confrontation with the Order of the Arranger? With only three weeks left, who or what will be lost?

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