Episode forty three

After learning of the Order of the Arranger’s plan to drag the entire town of Question Mark back into the past, Violet, Iris, and Officer Ron attend Nanako Yakamoto’s cello concert in the town square. Before the concert begins, the Willey Clocktower begins to ring and all three run toward the disturbance. There they find the Order of the Arranger has replaced Reginald Willey Jr. Jr.’s pipe organ with a musical instrument made of human bones, all overseen by Gerald Ames, who reveals himself to be the terrifying leader of the Order known as O. From out of the darkness, Lawrence Ames, dead for over a century appears, and begins to play, causing a tremendous disturbance in time. Violet, Iris, and Officer Ron, all escape as the clock tower begins to collapse.

Outside they find an enormous chasm has opened in the middle of the town square. Mayor Zisk struggles to avoid falling inside. When Gerald sees Mayor Zisk in danger, he hurries to rescue her and realizes the mistake he has made. Turning to face his great-uncle, he tackles Lawrence Ames and both disappear into the chasm.

As the town works to make repairs over the next several days, Dr. George Yakamoto from the Experimental Crop Station arrives and uses classical music to cause the underground fungus to rise toward the surface and close the gaping chasm. Small purple lights rise from the fungus, giving the town a brief moment of hope.

Meanwhile, Officer Ron and his son Gary face a more personal challenge: Ron’s ex-wife’s forthcoming commitment ceremony. Both father and son struggle to accept the small and larger changes in their lives.

At the same time, Ms. Peterson seeks out Violet and warns her that a strange golden figure in town may pose the greatest threat. While searching for clues at the ruined Moonlite Grove RV Park, Violet sees the golden figure, and then spots the figure again the following day, unable to stand in the alley behind the pharmacy. Who is the mysterious figure and what grave danger do they pose for the future of Question Mark? Only two weeks remain…

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