Episode forty one

After closing the Seven Voids and saving her town, Violet encounters Q-eey–a strange escaped specimen from the Experimental Crop Station. The creature tries to communicate with her and later leads Violet and Iris to a place in the woods near the bridge where the Order of the Arranger have left several bones, several ritual markings, and a message to its members.

On the day of the total eclipse, the town of Question Mark goes dark and over thirty bodies are removed from St. Casimir’s cemetery–including the body of Lawrence Ames–while a groundskeeper is found dead, apparently murdered.

The next day, while attempting to communicate with Q-eey again, scientists from the Experimental Crop Station arrive and recapture the creature and bring it back to their laboratory. Seeking out Dr. Allison Andrews, Violet and Iris learn that the Experimental Crop Station plans to sell Q-eey to New Tomorrow Industries as a possible power source for their particle accelerator. Following a map and detailed instructions from Dr. Andrews, Violet and Iris help the creature escape and watch as it flies far and away from the Question Mark woods.

Meanwhile, Officer Ron has a heart-to-heart with Gary and Lindsay about his plans to leave Question Mark. Gary, only nine-years-old, takes it badly, and uses his amnesia machine to wipe Ron’s memories in order to prevent him from leaving.

Just as things seem to be returning to normal, Violet hears a strange frightening melody from the Willey Clock Tower and the sky turns red. Immediately, Time seems to have broken down again as buildings and cars and even Violet’s bicycle appear and disappear.

With only four weeks remaining, how will the town of Question Mark ever survive this latest disaster?

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